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Marie-Christine Adler, Head of Marketing Peter Kaiser
During the run-up for our new Spring/Summer campaign, the first thing that struck me about Carina was that she is incredibly client-oriented, committed and organized. This positive impression continued throughout the shooting. On set, Carina kept an eye on absolutely everything, was highly focused in her work, goal-oriented, and, despite the flurry of activity around her, stayed calmly focused on herself, the situation, and kept her team well in hand. Always having an eye for the details, she was able to meet our wishes and expectations to our fullest satisfaction. The end result speaks for itself; many thanks! It was a joy to work with her on a personal level as well. Carina is an incredibly open, honest, and warm person. She has incredible flair! Working with her is a lot of fun, while at the same time being incredible productive and professional. I wholeheartedly recommend working with her.

Stefan Woschek, CEO Promondo Verlag & Versand GmbH:
"Working with Carina Jahn is a great joy. She is always well organized for our fairly long and elaborate shootings, has a great eye for frames and subjects, is creative, and manages to create a wonderfully pleasant and upbeat atmosphere with the models and the team thanks to her natural relaxed manner. I can wholeheartedly recommend her and look forward to our next cooperation."

Alexander Thul, Owner thul::characters:
"Carina Jahn: not tall, but great! Very creative, very professional, very reliable."

Frauke Bergemann-Gorski, Makeup & Hair Artist:
"Carina is a whirlwind, full of power and energy. Her professional demeanor, tact, and respect when dealing with people make every shooting with her a special one. A day with Carina will always be a good creative day!"

Dr. Konstanze Kleinschnitz, Genzyme / a Sanofi Company:
"The shooting, scheduled over several days, was very professional and unproblematical. We are exceedingly happy with the results. We would book Ms Jahn and her team again any time."

Christiane Schäfer, Laverana GmbH & Co KG:
"Beauty shooting for the communications campaign of the lavera product portfolio Trend sensitiv (decorative cosmetics), as well as beauty shooting for the communications campaign of the lavera product portfolio Sun sensitiv (sun protection products). Very good cooperation and execution of both products. Goal-oriented and supportive by providing creative approaches for solutions during the shooting. We would booke her again any time!"

Sebastien Martin, Writer:
"Carina Jahn is a great photographer – professional and flexible in her approach, a very gifted eye, creates a relaxed atmosphere at the shooting and spontaneously introduces good ideas and suggestions. Cooperating with her is a great joy!"

Axel Schiel, Moderator & Juggler:
"The image pictures Carina Jahn took of me were one of the reasons why our website won the Hessischer Website Award. She is simply amazing!"

Susanne Buder, Haas & Health Partner PR GmbH:
"Having had only a week and a half to prepare, we managed to produce a six-day photo shoot at ten different locations, all thanks to Ms Jahn and her extraordinary commitment. From the locations scout to organizing a great team and then hundreds of pictures expressing precisely what they should – a heartfelt thanks to Ms Jahn, I am already looking forward to our next mutual project."

Birgit Lievenbrück, CEO,
"I was able to experience Carina Jahn as a very empathetic photographer during a project involving children. Not only does she engage with them in a fantastic way, she also takes away any trepidation they might have towards the camera, thus enabling herself to take wonderful pictures and snapshots of the children."

Dirk Ahilger, Product Manager, Sanofi Pasteur MSD GmbH:
"During various marketing activities, I was able to produce several photo shoots for media relations, marketing activities, and accompanying TV spots with Carina. Her professional competence and her ability to execute our wishes artistically and contentually while always contributing target-aimed comments and suggestions bears special emphasis. The results were images we can use very well for our media relations (bochures, advertorials, press relations, etc.). Apart from all that, the cooperation was always fun – a very important factor!! Bottom line: we will happily request her again for all future photo shoots."

Nina Herzing, Junior Product Manager, INTERCO Cosmetics GmbH:
"The collaboration with Carina Jahn is always very refreshing, creative & very productive. The photos always turned out really amazingly."

Stefanie Wegner, Senior Consultant, Fink&Fuchs Public Relations AG:
"Very good results, smooth proceedings, very likeable team, very professional demeanor and contact."

Vanessa Feilitsch, Visagistin/Hairstylistin:
"The collaboration with Carina Jahn was a real asset. She works very professionally, is creative and executes exactly what was announced in a precise manner. I was impressed with the great preparation and the perfect organization of the shootings as well as with the results of course."